Saturday, April 16, 2011

running out of battery

So the downside of a great knitting app is that if you're not paying attention you can run out of charge. I have about a inch left on the body of my lacy cardigan, then on to the sleeves.

I'll definitely do another of her patterns. She has a number of free patterns posted on Ravelry.

The 5 hour baby sweater I frogged is looking much better. I'm using seed stitch instead of garter for the neck and button band. I did a simple lace pattern rather then stockinette and purl rows.

For the first time someone spotted 2 of the bears I've donated to Motherbear.

It really makes you want to keep knitting bears. Check out the Motherbear website.

I took out 3 pansies, gave them to a neighbor for a driveway pot. In their place I put in 2 butterfly plants and an old fashioned daisy. I'll be curious to see how a daisy, that I think of as a MN wildflower, does in a hot FL summer. It'll be an October surprise.

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  1. That looks like the walleby bear! Cool! A bear sighting is such a cool thing.