Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Connections make some/loose some

We left MN on 10/7. Back to being snowbirds. The joy of this is that it allows us to reconnect with the wonderful people we know here, the sad part is leaving DD2 and friends behind. Thanks to the miracle of the internet we always feel connected. Except that when we arrived we were not connected! Comcast said it looked like everything was working on their end, but we had nothing on our side. So we spent 4 days with no service! Monday a technician stopped by, did something to the box in the yard and after one more phone call we were live again. Connections restored! Happy people all around! I finished my "wisp of a shawl" on the plane.
It is beautiful! Light, airy, super soft. It needs to be blocked. I think it will be great here when the temps drop to chilly in Jan/Feb/March. I started socks for DD2
They are short socks out of Cascade Fixation. A free pattern on Ravelry. Since they are short with no pattern they are quick! Changed the toe to a more traditional kitchner style. Started another shawl last night watching TV. Oh we do love to watch some tv at our house! Will post pictures when there is something to see. Splurged and got a manicure and pedicure at the local beauty school. They were selling pink hair extensions as a fund raiser for Breast Cancer. $10 and all the proceeds go to cancer. So I got one.
And speaking of pink
My shrimp plant.

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