Friday, October 28, 2011

A tale of three shawls

I discovered a strange looking yarn over in version one of my Aquataine shawl. Of course it didn't jump out at me until row 43. Of course the wonky looking yarn over was back at about 20. I tinked back, and dropped a stitch which ran before I could catch it. So I decided to use it as a "learning experience" and frog the whole thing.

I cast on again using size 7 needles, the pattern calls for 6's. It just seemed a little dense to me. So I cast on again using size 10. I decided not to frog the 7's until I could compare the two.

The winner is the one on 10's.

I like the more drapey feel. The yarn is a wool/silk blend.

I decided to knit the yarn over's on the purl side rather then purl them. It means the yarn over holes are not as big. I'm not sure how I feel about it. The big holes make the waves more pronounced, but for everyday I'm thinking less holey/lacey might be a bit more practical. So I'm going to continue as I've started. I'm going with the theory "third times a charm"

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