Sunday, October 23, 2011

Not knitting

Reading books about knitting! Read two this weeked. The first was knit with love by Lisa Bogart. A collection of essays about knitting for charity. She was on a book tour and stopped at the Minnesota knitting group I attend. This group knits an amazing number of things for charity. I wasn't able to attend but a dear fried (thank you Marcie) got a copy of the book for me , had it autographed and sent it. I read it in a day. Now I passed it on to my Aunt and asked that when she finish she donate it to her church library. There is a very active group of charity knitters at her church, so it seems fitting that the book be passed on so others can enjoy it. In the book Lisa mentioned the book The Beach Sterret Knitting Society and Yarn Club. I lookedit up on Amazon. There was a kindle version available for less the $3. So I ordered it. It was a very relaxing read, a little like The Friday Night Knitting Club. No patterns, darn. But a nice way to spend the day.

Now I need to spend a little time knitting, instead of just reading about knitting.

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