Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A general lack of pictures

Yep. Another post with no pic's. I'm even carrying my camera in my purse, but a long history of missing photo opportunities is hard to leave behind. I've made some progress on wip's. So there will be pictures!

Made it to one of the pop up green houses and bought some lovely annuals for 50% off! Perfect timing too, we had a nice rain today. Especially nice since I could sit inside Culver's with mt knitting group and watch the rain..then sit at home and watch the rain and knit.

Although truth be told, I seem to do very little knitting st Culver's. Lots of chatting, show and tell, and moral support. It is so nice to have the friendship of these wonderful women. It is definitely the best part of Tuesday..and often the best part of the week.

A picture really would be good here!

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