Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good that I mowed on Monday

Another rainy day. The dog doesn't even want to get up or go out.

I've started another lace project with some unidentified yarn.
It seems to be a cotton blend, two strands twisted loosely together. I think it will be on the needles for a very long time. I'm knitting the free pattern 198 yards of heaven, but it will be far more then 198 yards. I can only hope when I finish that it still feels heavenly.

Dropped off boxes of stuff at Goodwill yesterday after knitting. The gentlemen unloading my car was less then "gentlemenly" with the stuff as he put it in the bins. I could hear the unmistakeable sound of breakage. But I just grit my teeth and reminded myself that like a gift, once something is donated it is no longer yours to worry about. I only hope that my fear of damage is over estimated. It was truly a "walk away" moment.

After that DD2 and I stopped at Joann's. I bought her yarn to 2 more baby sweaters, 1 for charity one for a relative's upcoming baby. Also bought her yarn for a baby blanket she spotted in her new knitting book/mag. Since she hasn't had any response on job applications or the internship she's trying to set up she is knitting a baby sweater a week for the charity group Bundles of Love. Good for Bundles, not so good for her.

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