Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today when I was emptying the dishwasher I noticed the silverware holder needed cleaning. When I finished that I cleaned and purged the other kitchen drawers. Why on earth did I ever buy nut crackers and nut picks? Don't think I've ever used them but there they were taking up space. I had two pastry cutters! Then I decided to tackle the cupboard with the tupperware. How does it happen that there are containers with no lids and lids with no containers? While my kitchen was torn apart, DD2 was doing a mountain of laundry. So of course that's when the county assessor arrived to do the periodic review of the house for valuation. I wonder if we could lose taxable value for chaos? I didn't think not letting him in was really an option.

I don't recall being home when they stopped in the past so they must have just guessed. About the only big change we've made since we built was to finish the lower level...which BTW was also in disarray. Things from my Mother's house, stuff that didn't find a home after redoing the basement etc. Yep, definitely think we should get a tax discount for my mess.

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