Monday, June 13, 2011

Motherbear Raglan Sleeve

In honor of an amazing knitter, Gisela, people in the Mother bear community on Ravelry have been knitting pink themed bears this month. I decided that this would be the perfect time to work on knitting a top down raglan sleeve bear. I've been knitting my bears top down for over a year, but always split off for 8 rows after knitting the head, then rejoin for the rest of the body. Then coming back and picking up stitches for the arms. It works, but if you can knit a sweater top down with raglan sleeves then certainly you can knit a bear the same way.

It seems to be working. When I'm finished I'll post my notes here and on the rav project page.

This definitely qualifies as a "something new" for me.

My other something new is I now am the proud owner of an ipad. So I've been downloading apps, games and e-editions. I downloaded Kindle (free) and some free books from Amazon. I changed my paper edition of the local paper to the e-version. I set up ibooks so I can store digital copies of pdf files (patterns). Love it!

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