Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Bundles of Love Done

I finished the Maile sweater for Bundles of Love last night. The finished object is darling. The yarn is lovely. There is enough to make a matching hat. The buttons are from a my button stash, accumulated from clearance at Joann's, thrift store finds, and other failed projects. I think that the little pearl style buttons are perfect for this sweater. They even look slightly yellow against the sweater. Like I said..perfect.

I have made good progress on my sweater. The miles and miles of stockinette in sock yarn are going great. I made the sweater body much longer then called for in the pattern. There has been (knock on wood) no serious frogging.
I even seem to have successfully picked up the gazillion stitches around the front of the sweater to start the band. I've decided not to do a button, but use it as an excuse for acquiring a lovely shawl pin.

And where did I do all this knitting? In the car enroute to and from the lake. And sitting at the cabin looking out at this scene.
I submit it doesn't get much better then this.

Oh I also knit while watching the TWINS play. An interesting collection of players pulled up from the minors since many of the big names are injured. I love love love knitting while watching baseball on tv.

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