Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New toy

I broke down and bought an ipad. I really like Apple products, even though I admittedly don't use them to their full potential. I've had an ipod for years, have played with some knitting apps and enjoy a variety of podcasts. The knitmore girls and Brenda Dane got me through alot of lawn mowing. We,(DH especially) even enjoy a few of the games. I don't have an iphone, wrong service provider and no real need to be connected to the internet on my phone as cool as it is..just can't justify it. But something about the ipad just really delighted me.

So with my Target Redcard 5% off, coupled with an extra 5% off for pharmacy purchases (what a great deal from Target). I splurge and bought a new ipad2 this weekend. I've downloaded my fav knitting apps, games, and podcasts. I downloaded the kindle app so I can use it as an e-reader, switched my newspaper subscription to the e version. I'm off and running into the i-world.

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