Monday, June 27, 2011

tip toeing towards sucess

It probably wasn't the most efficient way to get a photo from my ipad camera to a blog, but here it goes.

I couldn't get a direct link to a photo from my flickr account to work. Not to surprising since I haven't mastered downloading from flickr to Ravelry either. The camera genius app has a setting to make your pictures look like 1970's shots. Very fun.

After reading rav reviews I bought the Goodreader app. It is appealing to think that you can highlight and comment on a pdf document. Then save it or print it with your comments. For the things I do it certainly wasn't a critical function. But, for the price..definitely a "nice to have".

I finished the 2nd sleeve on my Amiga over the weekend. So the live stitches from the front band are back on the needles. The sweater is well on the way to completion.

I had to frog an entire 21 row charted repeat on my shawl. I blame poor signals from the catcher. (A MN baseball reference to a recent game loss. I was watching the game at the point I made my error in the 3rd row...didn't catch it until the 22.)

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